A Brief Organizational History

The principles of World Spine Care first came together in 2008 to realize their vision of a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the massively underserved issue of musculoskeletal care in the developing world. Through 2008 and 2009 fundamental organizational infrastructure was put in place, and a strategic plan developed. The development of the model of care at the core of the Shoshong project was a milestone of this strategic planning process.

This formational period also included extensive engagement with other non-profits and institutions, aimed at forming the partnerships and collaborations needed to realize the WSC vision. Seed money from the Palmer Chiropractic College, Palladian Musculoskeletal Health, NCMIC and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College funded this organizational start-up phase.

In early 2010, WSC obtained its non-profit status, a milestone that marked the launch of WSC’s strategic plan. The Shoshong project was developed as the cornerstone of this strategic plan, and is currently the focus of the organization. In February 2010, WSC visited Botswana, meeting with key government officials, including the Permanent Secretary, Director of Clinical Services, and Chief Research Officer of the Botswana Ministry of Health. Responding with enthusiasm to the WSC project, the Ministry of Health came onboard as a key partner and contributor.

With the visit to Botswana confirming both the viability of, and urgent need for the Shoshong project, WSC set an aggressive project timetable, with the goal to be on the ground in Shoshong in mid 2011. WSC has now secured the funding for the first phase of the project and is in advanced planning regarding operation of the Shoshong clinic.

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